FEATURE FILM SYNOPSIS     The Reins of Liberty is a feature-length documentary film that will help viewers define the relationship between constraints and freedom.  Rather than seeing liberty as the distance we have from limitations, The Reins of Liberty will inspire viewers to see liberty as a state of being lived out in close proximity to the things that restrict us.  For in the end which is more thrilling, to float weightlessly free of attraction in space or to soar as an eagle diving and climbing against gravity?

Told through the stories of five passionate artists, the film will unravel their process and the constraints that inform it, and will metaphorically reveal the true nature of freedom, liberating us from the hollow pursuit of choice.


“Freedom, then, is not a thing or entity to be sought after, or a possession to be grasped.  It qualifies arrangements of persons and things; it describes proper relationships and configurations between particularities: ‘The functions of “free” are adjectival.” 

                           Jeremy S. Begbie