To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.

              Lewis B. Smedes

SYNOPSIS  During 2011, the powerful and inspiring story emerged of one mom’s forgiveness of her murdered son’s killer. The deadly shooting took place in Minnesota years earlier after a heated exchange on an icy winter’s night. The sixteen-year-old who was responsible grew up in a gang-infested neighbourhood and was tried as an adult and served seventeen years in jail. While he was behind bars, his victim’s grieving mother reached out for reconciliation – and even arranged for the killer to become her neighbor upon his release from prison. As news of the unparalleled act of mercy spread far and wide, the killer and his victim’s mom were left to figure out a new path together. Could the ultimate loss really be reconciled? Could a convicted killer carve out a new life? As they shared their story to a watching world eager for a feel-good story, not everything was as simple it seemed.

Behind the sentimental headlines hid a deeper struggle of pain, blame and devastating truths. Set against an urban backdrop where the lure of deadly gang violence is commonplace, this story explores the true cost and complexity of forgiveness. RECONCILE will be an empowering, authentic and intimate documentary examining the depths of forgiveness. This gripping story reveals the powerful forces of guilt, hope and fight for redemption. 


PURPOSE   Recent troubles in Minneapolis underscore the deep need for societal reconciliation. RECONCILE will be an important and timely feature documentary about where reconciliation begins: with hurting individuals. RECONCILE will not shy away from the hurt, struggles and sensitivities that both went through to find their own catharsis. Ultimately, this film will be an inspiring story of hope and unity that takes place in a community where division and despair are still rife. The film and its characters will light the way as a source of much needed hope. Investing in this documentary will enable the production of a significant film that will show the foundations of forgiveness.